Training as a tool for transforming the construction sector

The Prototipo Company team recently participated in a course for Technical Specialists in Industrialised Construction at the Official School of Quantity Surveyers and Building Engineers of Madrid.

Because of our conviction that the training of new professionals in the field of Industrialised Construction is the best tool for the transformation and continuous improvement of our sector, the commitment of Prototipo in this regard is renewed every day.

During the course, Managing Director Begoña López Ferrer shared her experience in Industrialised Construction Systems using compatible components and 3D modulars. Among other topics, she talked about vertical integration between project phases, the necessity of an optimal system for each building, and strategies that help improve safety during construction and the assembly of components, thus shortening deadlines and reducing costs.

In turn, Modular Components KAM Enrique Nieto shared his extensive experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of industrialised bathrooms in sectors as diverse as construction, shipping and rail, focussing on the optimal criteria of component design, safe manufacturing and assembly, as well as efficient integration into buildings.