The Prototipo Company is committed to face-to-face training at its Móstoles factory

Participants of the Industrialised Construction Specialist Technician Course have received a practical class from Enrique Nieto, the Modular Components KAM at the Prototipo Company, during their visit to the company’s factory in Móstoles.

The attendees learnt first-hand about the different industrialised bathroom models, as well as the design, manufacture and assembly processes of these components and their integration both during the project phase and during assembly on-site.

In the words of Begoña López, managing director of the company: “Industrialising is not just a way of manufacturing, it is a way of thinking. And we need to train future professionals to learn how to do this using the most efficient building criteria.”

The course, organised by the Official School of Quantity Surveyors and Building Engineers of Madrid, is aimed at graduates in Technical Architecture, Architecture and construction sector Engineering. This includes young people keen on developing their careers in industrialised construction as well as experienced professionals aiming to broaden their overall skills and knowledge.