The pandemic increases demand for homes built using industrialised construction

The arrival of Covid has led to a change in the way we work, relate to each other and, above all, in the amount of time we spend at home. Homes have evolved from being the place we live to also becoming our workplace, leisure and exercise space, and where we meet with friends and family – even if only virtually. Today, more than ever, our home is our refuge.

The search for housing outside cities, including the possibility of building homes on undeveloped land, are more and more relevant due to the possibility that we will continue to spend a lot more time at home in the future. Thus, the pandemic has triggered a demand for building systems such as industrialised construction that offer alternative and rapid habitability solutions that improve our lives.

Industrialised construction is a faster, more efficient and more sustainable way of building, applicable to all types of formats and uses: from single-family homes and apartments for rent, to hotels, residences and hospitals. All of them can be industrialised.

Changed circumstances demand new solutions that expand possibilities, reduce uncertainty and construction times, and allow us to fully enjoy the time we spend at home.

This article by Paco Vega in explains how industrialised construction is the basis for a number of housing solutions for families and young people.