Significant support for industrialised construction by the public sector

The construction sector is in luck. Two recent announcements by public administrations respond to one of the great demands of recent years: the need for support and investment in industrialisation by the public sector.

Recently, the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure and Land Management of the Andalusian Regional Government has given its support to the open process of promoting the industrialisation of construction, in order to strengthen a sector that is highly important for the Andalusian economy and for employment creation.

In the words of councillor Marifrán Carazo: “Digitisation and automation are being applied to all production processes and will bring numerous advantages, from greater efficiency and productivity to better control of deadlines and costs“, in addition to “promoting a more sustainable circular economy.”

At the same time, the announcement that the State will pay up to 100% of the costs for housing rehabilitation, by means of European funds channeled through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, is another major milestone in the process of undertaking these much-needed reforms.

The goal is to renovate 500,000 homes and public buildings over 3 years, prioritising the improvement of energy efficiency. The responsible use of raw materials, better job security, and better control over deadlines and costs make the use of industrialised components a first-class option for this ambitious plan.

The recovery mechanisms put in place by the European Union point in this same direction, with the aim of achieving a greener Europe that is better adapted to current and future challenges.

Industrialised construction therefore has a fantastic opportunity to continue growing in Spain and leading the transformation towards a more efficient production model that will boost the economy.