Jean Prouvé: the driving force behind a new, lighter and more flexible type of architecture

A blacksmith by training, an architect and designer by vocation, Jean Prouvé was a visionary, a pioneer of industrialised construction.

Today, the Caixa Forum exhibition The Jean Prouvé Universe – Architecture, Industry and Furniture opens a window on his work through a collection of sketches, plans, models, images, furniture and industrialised structural and facade components, allowing us to grasp his objective of creating an industrialised, light and flexible type of architecture at the service of its users and of humanity.

Prouvé promoted a social vision of architecture and design, conscious of economic limitations, and with a practical appreciation of transport factors and environmental sustainability. His aim was the industrialisation of construction, which he believed to be far behind the more agile production techniques used in automobile and aeronautical manufacture.

Prouvé revolutionised the construction of industrialised buildings. In his workshops, he designed and built standardised elements for the construction of homes that could be assembled on site in a short period of time. He was a firm believer in progress for the benefit of society.

As with many other visionaries, it has taken decades for his ideas to enter the mainstream as construction solutions for the present and the future. For the building sector, Jean Prouvé will always be an inspirational figure – a creator of life solutions.